Thursday, March 31, 2011

Those Nights That You Need Ambien

Last night I was laying in bed wide awake listening to DG snore.

I was too awake for the time and how long I had already been laying there.

I pulled my phone out to Angry Bird some more, but first decided to check my email.

I got an email saying "I" was trying to reset my password but would have to wait until tomorrow night for security purposes.

Here is my line of thinking:

Seriously, what the shit?

So, needless to say, I quickly changed it (which I could do immediately actually knowing the correct password)

When that was finished, I was revved up. Like I wanted to bitch slap the idiot trying to do it. How on earth could I close my eyes and think relaxing thoughts?!


30 minutes later and the email debacle was no longer an issue!

Today, I am a little freaked and am definitely doing some security housecleaning all over the crazzzy internets!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

Apparently before I put up the "Shop my Closet" page, some people were under the impression that I was tall. Okay, maybe not tall, but taller. I'm not. I'm 5'2. My inseam is about 29. I have to get most things tailored. I hate it. I feel bitter about it most days. Not being short, I actually like that. I am bitter about everything being for tall(er) people. Who the bananas pulls on a pair of pants and thinks "OMG, perfect fit!" I know, I know, a lot of people. But not me. Not even close.

And I know I have posted about Victoria's Secret sweatpants before, but I am bringing them up again. Why? Because it's baseball time!!!! I'm so ready and I am buying my annual Phillies gear from VS. Last year, I bought cropped sweatpants, this year I purchased the boyfriend (?). But I luuurve these sweatpants because I can take a pair of scissors and cut to my liking.

But Amanda, you ask, what on earth will you do with the leftover scraps of pant??? Waste not, want not, people. Cat scarves.

Side note:I do have an ass, I swear.

Don't forget to ask me anything you want here!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One At a Time

I know I lamely did this with my first vlog, but let's try this a different way.

Have any questions for me???

Here is how it will work. 
I have made all comments under moderation, 
meaning I have to "accept" or "reject" before they get posted. 
I will reject all just for this post- no comments will appear under the post, so no one will know who asks what or how many questions you ask! So go ahead and ask anything you want, I really don't have any secrets, nor do I feel uncomfortable answering most questions.

I just hope a few people actually care enough to ask so I don't have to make some up to look cool, ha!

*Comments Are Now Closed*

Monday, March 21, 2011

"I Am Beautiful"

This post was born from Courtney's "fearfully and wonderfully made" post at Perfect Imperfections. I beg you to please go read this. She captures the truth behind being a woman and coming to the realization that you are beautiful; we all are. She finds that this realization doesn't just benefit her, but her daughter as well. Inspired by Courtney's post, Elena at Selfie Magic based this week's Selfie Saturday around it. She asked that bloggers who participate write up a post on not just why we are doing it, but also why it is important to us. So sit back and grab coffee or booze (whatever you are into, I don't judge), because Mamas going off on a tangent here.

Perhaps the easiest place to start is by bringing back the picture I used for last weeks Selfie Saturday. The "model eyes" challenge. I got so much great feedback for which I am so appreciative of. But you must  know that when I look at the photo, I see this:

This is truth.

This is what the American woman sees when they see themselves on camera most times, right? To take our own picture is vain, and to take it and say it looks great??? Well, that's just unheard of. So instead we stand behind it and lose ourselves within the documentation of our lives. If I don't ask my husband to get a shot of me and the kids on vacation, or any other time for that matter, he won't think of it. But we have tons and tons of him doing all sorts of the things with them. Surprise! I was there too. I was the one capturing those precious moments that my children may or may not remember for the rest of their lives.

So how do we tell ourselves that it is okay to see beyond the flaws and step in front of the camera? It's hard. It's who we are. But look at your children and ask yourself how they would feel when they grow up and find that they have about 3 pictures of their mother. You. The one that gave them life. The one that read to them before bed and held them in the night. The one that nursed them back to health and took them everywhere they needed to go. You. The one that cried with worry over every little thing starting before they were even born. The one that hugged them extra tight after hearing a tragic story. You. The one that raised them. The one that will always love them more than anyone.

Everyone who comes after you deserves to know who you were. And what they should see is a confident woman who loved herself, and loved herself despite her flaws. My nose is crooked because I have a deviated septum. My Mom always says she would kill for my eyebrows because her are so light you can barely see them. I have a full head of hair that I should just appreciate. Are my boobs the exact same size? No. But they are healthy and have the ability to provide food for my child (hello, the body is amazing!).
Break down your so called imperfections. I guarantee you that your grass is greener to someone out there. It is dramatic, I know. But it is real.

A few years ago I asked my (it's like she doesn't age) Mother "when do I stop caring?" I meant when can I stop judging myself and eat all the donuts I want. After she stopped laughing that I thought the age might be 50, she said "never." I was complaining and going to the extreme, but her answer is true. We will judge ourselves forever. But the challenge is to not only lovingly accept those flaws, but also teach your child to accept their own. What mother wants to see her 6 year old daughter look in the mirror and ask "Do I look fat in this?" We help pave the road for their self esteem and confidence. We are their introductions into society and it's acceptances and dislikes, right?

So I challenge you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. It isn't shallow and it isn't vain. Wouldn't you want your child to be able to someday do the same?

DG is watching some annoying show right now so I am wearing noise canceling headphones and listening to Katie Gray's "Set Free." I don't know what the true meaning of the lyrics are, but they are somewhat fitting for the topic at hand:

There's a cold fire
there's a crossfire
and there's something
inside, inside

and we'll never, never
make it
and we'll never, never
break it

there's a long game
that's a wrong chain
and it's something
we all hide it

and we'll never, never make it
and we'll never, never break it
until we learn to see
until we set free

and you got style
and you got grace
and you got the means
to leave that place
but you'll never, never make it
and you'll never, never break it

until you learn to see
until you set free

so set free
set free

set free
set free

if we could see that this was all that we need
inside our minds
bodies and souls
we wouldn't run and we would let go
cause we'd realize
that we had
that we had no control

So here is my picture to link up this week. I cheated and I'm not holding a sign, but I wrote the message in..."I am Beautiful"



So I was getting ready to do a post on our recent trip to the zoo and just happened to google "anteater" images. Well, let me tell you, they have now earned their own post. I found some pretty damn funny anteater pictures. So happy Monday, you're welcome.

Oh, and I will do the original post at some point, but this was too good to pass up.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I know, I know

I have major blog design schizophrenia.

But I just took this picture of the kids and thought it fit the title perfectly. 

And my poor husband had to sit through endless "How about this?" I'm pretty sure he is hoping I'm finished now!!

Selfie Saturdays

Go ahead and chuckle at my attempt towards "model eyes."

Yeppers, it's Selfie Saturdays again!!
I was having a mega hard time putting my timer on and keeping myself in focus....
Sigh. My stupid Sony model doesn't work with a remote.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

One year ago yesterday...

My kids still wore sleep sacks and E still took naps.

And yes, sometimes I put my son in pink sleep sack. You grab what you can.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why I love St. Patrick's Day

Is it the green color?

The exciting idea of possibly catching site of a leprechaun?

Perhaps it is because I am 12% Irish.
Wrong again.

This, my friends is why St. Patrick's Day is one of the best holidays around:

S-H-A-M-R-O-C-K- S-H-A-K-E-S

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dainty Little Lady

I am loving all the creams, white, and lace this season for spring. It is so feminine and pretty. And really, anyone can pull it off.

Here are some of my favs:

Happy Browsing!

Park Jam Skirt


Tory Burch 


Bygone Times Skirt


I'm seriously doing some holding back from buying this Joie top


Catherine Malandrino Shift


Leifsdottir Ruffle Dress


Elizabeth and James Springs Blazer


Me oh My I wish I had the life to wear this!
Alice + Olivia Dress




Drifting Away Top


Nuvola Maxi Skirt


Jeffrey Campbell Platforms


Wavy Jute Belt
Oversized Pendant


Friday, March 11, 2011

My Daily Tools

This grown up thing is hard. Though, I would NEVER go back to high school or college
... I repeat, NEVER....

Here are some things that make my day easier from wake up to the nighty-nights

Fiber One Pop Tarts- Yes, they exist, and yes they are that good. My grocery store stopped carrying them. I gave them the finger and started ordering from large shipments.
There are other flavors, but this one has my heart:

A. I only started after having kids
B. I either drink Dunkin' Donuts
or Starbucks {Tall White Chocolate Mocha with 3, yes THREE, shots of espresso}

Bean Bags in the basement to relax observe the children play

G2 (Google Android) Phone
Which royally mega sucks if you actually want to talk to someone on it...but if you are looking to aimlessly browse the internets, text, or tweet your little heart's suppa fast and pretty cool.

My Powder Room
Don't worry, I'm not making this inappropriate.
Truth is, "Mommy has to go potty" is really one of the only ways I can escape the basement for a moment. That and getting them a snack, but that means I actually would have to give them like 10 snacks a day.

Go Go Squeeze Applesauce
I can bribe the Chicken Nuggets with these if I wanted.

And my little crack addictive snack

And of course, when the kids are in bed, there is nothing like a glass of bubbly

So what are your essentials?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Next Big Idea

There are the moments when I come up from the basement, where our playroom is, to just have a break. You know, get a snack, use the ladies, whatever. And when I come back down, 2 little monsters have managed to wreak havoc in like 2 minutes.

But what if there was a way to be down there with them during those much needed moments of "fresh, toddler-free air?"

Now there is.

Most of us have probably seen these ridiculously expensive see through tents that are being peddled for thousands and thousands of dollars. Well now, they can go to even better use. Wherever you and your child/ren spend your day.

Just think. Your children are screaming. They are pretending to fall and hurt themselves and then fake crying. All because they didn't nap and are now tired. You tried to put them down for a nap, so it isn't technically your fault that they are acting this way. Why must you pay the price then? Now you don't have to.

Enter the "Momscape."

You can still see your children, but you can't hear them. In your Momscape all you hear is peace.

You may be staring at this:

But somehow it doesn't seem as bad. You are sitting on a big white couch that no child can ruin. You are listening to your favorite music that no child's screams can drown out. And you are enjoying a snack, which no child can steal or beg for.

This tent, my Mom friends, is priceless.

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